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Carleton University may place a hold on your account to limit your activity on Carleton Central. Often, the university is waiting for action from the student (e.g. submitting outstanding documents, paying outstanding charges) in order to remove the hold.

All Holds are defined below. Find the Hold Type that has been placed on your account and read the corresponding Description. If you don't understand the reason for the Hold and what you need to do to remove it, contact the Originator of the Hold.

Registrar's Hold To be eligible to register for an academic session, students must meet certain requirements. Please contact the originator for details.
A/R Holds
Delinquent Holds
Students with outstanding accounts with the university may not be permitted to register or view grades. Review your Student Account Summary and clear off your balance before the hold is released. Please Note: It takes 1-4 business days after the payment has been made for the hold to be released.
Suspension The student may be suspended from a particular program for failing to satisfy the minimum academic performance requirements. Please contact the originator for details.
Conditional on Documents Offer of Admission is conditional upon receipt of further documents.
Conditional on Marks Offer of Admission is conditional upon receipt of a final official report/transcript of your current studies. Your final grades must meet the minimum published requirements for this program, or your offer will be withdrawn.
Year 1 B. Eng Pre-req Required Contact the School of Engineering at 520-5668.
English Language Requirement (ESLR)

You must take the Canadian Academic English Language (CAEL) Assessment. Your program of study will depend on the result of this assessment.

Please note that when an English Language Requirement hold exists, your application will continue to be evaluated and a decision made as soon as possible.

Once Carleton University has received your CAEL Assessment result, a new ESL Hold originating from the School of Linguistics and Applied Language Studies (SLALS) will be added. See All ESL Holds below.

Note: Students may be exempt from the English language requirement under specific conditions.

All ESL Holds

If you have not completed your English as a Second Language Requirement (ESLR) you will have an ESL Hold (e.g. ESLA 1900 + 1 other credit) based on your CAEL Assessment result or after completion of your required credit ESL course.

Note: Please contact SLALS for CAEL Assessment placement information and information on per term course load limitations.

If no other holds exist on your record, you may register in the number and types of credits specified by the ESL Hold.

Offer Withdrawn Offer of Admission has been withdrawn.
Provisional on Marks Credits were granted before receipt of final transcript.
Admissions Services need to receive your final transcript to ensure that the courses for which you were granted credit were successfully completed. If final transcript is not received, credit will be forfeited.



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