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Some courses have more than one component.

Lecture (LEC) + Discussion Group (GRP)
Lecture (LEC) + Lab (LAB)
Lecture (LEC) + Tutuorial (TUT)
Lecture (LEC) + Film Screening (FLM)
Lecture (LEC) + Tapes-to-you (TTY)

All components of a course except the lecture have a section number following the alphabetic character i.e. A1, E7, etc. and a different Schd Type (i.e. TUT, LAB,etc.). All components of any given course must be added or dropped at the same time.

For example, CHEM 1000 A (LEC) must be registered simultaneously with CHEM 1000 A1 (LAB). To prevent a link error you must register for both the lecture section (LEC) and the accompanying component (LAB, TUT, GRP, TTY) simultaneously.

If you try to drop CHEM 1000 A (LEC) without dropping CHEM 1000 A1 (LAB) you will be brought to an error page. On this page you will be given trhe option to either drop both components or cancel the drop altogether.


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