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You may view your institutional final grades online as soon as they are made available. Please note that non-institutional credits (i.e. those transferred from other universities) will not be shown here. You may also review all past final grades using this service. To do so you must first select a term for viewing.

There are three distinct terms within the calendar year:

  • Summer (May through August)
  • Fall (September through December)
  • Winter (January through April)

Once a term is selected, the final grades are displayed for that term (if they are available). Course information and other credit hour data is provided with the grades. Refer to the legend below for a complete definition of the terms you find on this page.

Please note that the Fall portion of full-session courses (those than run from September to April) normally have a grade of CTN (Continuing) and the final grades for those courses are posted in the Winter term portion of the course.

CRN Course Reference Number
Subj Subject of course.
Crse Course number
Sec Section of course.
Cred Credit value of course (also known as Credit Hours).

Final letter grade obtained in the course

Attempt Hours Credit value that was attempted (i.e. credit value of course).
Earned Hours Credit value attained if/when the course is passed.
GPA Hours Credit value of course used in Grade Point Average calculations.
Quality Points Grade Points earned in the course. Carleton uses a 12 point grading system that divides each letter grade into three divisions (i.e. A-, A, A+). An "A-" is worth 10 quality points, and "A" is worth 11 points and an "A+" is worth 12 points. These values would be halved for a course with 0.5 credit hours.

Note: You may also wish to print an academic audit to review your complete academic history. Click here for information on how to run your academic audit.


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