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This page allows the user to search the class schedule for the selected term. You may choose from a combination of search criteria to narrow your search, however you must select at least one Subject. Do not make your search criteria too narrow - often just choosing a Subject is sufficient. Also ensure that before conducting a class search, you have selected a term from the Select/Change Term option.

When your selection is complete, click Get Classes to perform the search and to display the search results. To clear your search criteria, click the Reset button.

Please note that you cannot register courses from the public class schedule. To register you must login to Carleton Central and select Registration for the Student Services menu.

If you already know the CRN of the course(s) you wish to add, you may skip this step altogether and jump straight to the Register for Classes page.



At least ONE subject must be selected . You may conduct a search for more than one subject at any given time by holding down the CTRL key and then clicking on the mouse. You may select as many different subjects as you would like in order conduct a class search.

Course Number

The course number always contains 4 digits. The first digit represents the year of the course.

TIP - To search for all 4th year courses, input "4%" in this field. The "%" is known as the wildcard and it will look for all course number beginning with the digit "4".


The course title may not exceed 30 characters in length (this includes spaces and punctuation).


Part-of-Term largely refers to undergraduate courses held in the Summer session that are condensed and only run for early summer (May to June) or late summer (July to August). You can also search for full-session courses (i.e. courses than run from September-Apri)

Schedule Type

Schedule type may refer to the structure of a course (i.e. seminar, lecture, laboratory, field course etc.), or it may refer to special course set-ups such as co-op courses, independent study courses etc. Most courses will be lecture style courses, often with an additional lab/tutorial component attached.


You may conduct a class search by selecting the name of a instructor from the drop down menu. The list of instructors includes both full-time and part-time instructors.

Start Time

Classes generally start on the hour or on the half-hour (ex. 10:00am or 10:30am). The earliest that a class may start on any given day is 8:30am.

End Time

Classes generally end on the hour or on the half-hour (ex. 10:00am or 10:30am). The latest that a class may end is 10:00pm.


There is no limit on how many days a student may search in for classes.


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