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This page allows you to change your PIN at any time. Carleton University may require you to change your PIN at periodic intervals. The PIN is used along with your User ID to login to the secure area of the system. To change your PIN, enter your old PIN in the appropriate field, and then specify a new PIN.

Note: PINs must be numeric and must be 6 digits in length.

If you forget your PIN, simply go to the login page, enter your user ID and press the Forgot PIN button. You will then be able to specify a new PIN by correctly answering your Security Question.

It is important not to share your PIN with anyone! You are responsible for all activity on your record after logging in.



Personal Identification Number


Current PIN number (the PIN you used to login to the current session).


The PIN you wish to change to, this will be required for all subsequent logins.


Carleton University student, applicant or employee number.

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