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Financial Assistance

This page lists all funding that has been processed including awards, loans, bursaries, scholarships and assistanceships for the current and future terms. Each award has an associated status and estimate amount.

The details on this page are for information purposes only. For details specific to your file, please contact either the Awards Office or Graduate Studies.




Application Processed. Funding Approved.

This code indicates that your OSAP application has been processed by the Carleton University Awards Office and that it has been sent to the Ministry of Training Colleges and Universities for verification. Once the application has been completely processed a loan/grant certificate will be produced and mailed to the Awards Office.

Application Cancelled

File has been cancelled. Some possible reasons for the file being cancelled are:

  • You have decided to attend another institution and have requested that the application be cancelled.

  • You have decided not to proceed with the loan and have requested that it be cancelled.

  • You are on the OSAP restricted list and are not eligible for OSAP funding at this time.

If you are unsure why your loan has been cancelled please contact the Awards Office.

On Hold. Check Carleton Email For Info.

Your application has been placed on hold. This is usually because the Awards Office requires additional documents to continue processing your loan. Please check your Carleton email address for specific reason(s) why your file is on hold. Reviewing the status of your OSAP application at: osap.gov.on.ca may also provide useful details.

Loans in default. Processing stopped.

You have previous loans in default. We cannot process you application until the default is cleared. Contact the Awards Office for more information on clearing a loan that is in default.

Loan/Grant Certificate Received.

Your loans are in the Awards Office and will be available for pick up after the first day of classes. For the OSAP Pick-Up Schedule, click here. You will need your Social Insurance Card and a government issued photo ID to claim your loan.

Multiple app's. Contact school of choice

You have started applications at more than one school. You must contact the schools you are not attending and ask them to close your OSAP application. This request must usually be completed in writing.

Changes to file. Awaiting loans.

There have been changes made to your file and your funding amounts have been re-calculated. When your new funding certificate arrives the status will change to "Loan/Grant Certificate Received" and you will be able to return to the Awards Office to pick up your certificate.

Processing Application.

We have received your application and we are processing your entitlement. Carleton Central is your source for information about your OSAP application. As the application processes you will see the status of your application change. When your loans arrive in the Awards Office the status will change to “Loan/Grant Certificate Received.”.

Refused Funding - Contact Awards Office.

You have been refused OSAP assistance. Please contact the Awards Office for further details.


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