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Undergraduate Degree Applications

Please read the instructions pertinent to your Application Status on the Application Summary page):



Preliminary review required

Your application is in a preliminary stage. We are reviewing your file to determine its status as complete or incomplete.

items outstanding

Your application is incomplete and we are waiting for documents. Please see the bottom section of the Application Summary for the document(s) you still need to provide. As soon as Admissions Services has received the required documentation, your status will change to "Complete, ready for review".

All documents and correspondence should be mailed to the following address:

Admissions Services
Carleton University
315 Robertson Hall
1125 Colonel By Drive
Ottawa, ON, K1S 5B6

Outstanding documents may differ by program. If you have more than one application, be sure to check the documents required for each application.

If you have applied to a program in Architectural Studies, Humanities, Industrial Design, Information Technology (Interactive Multimedia and Design), Music, or Social Work, there is a portfolio or audition required. These additional mandatory requirements will not appear on the list of documents required. Please submit the required information directly to the relevant department.

ready for review

Ontario High School Students: (Decision) Pending

Decisions for some programs cannot be made before certain dates. The earliest date for releasing decisions for Ontario high school applicants is mid- to end of March. (See admission timeline).

Your application status may remain "Complete, ready for review" with "Pending" for an extended period of time. The following are possible reasons:

  • You do not have six acceptable courses that we can use to calculate your average.

    Note: You must inform your day school if you have attended any night school or Saturday school language classes. Your day school will then ensure that the marks for these courses are sent to the Ontario Universities' Application Centre.

  • Your marks are not high enough at this time for us to send you a conditional offer of admission.

    Note: For early admission in April, we will review your marks for your first choice of program. If you are not admissible to your first choice at that time, we will wait for your mid-term marks to arrive in May. If your marks are still not high enough at that time for us to send you an offer to your first choice, we will endeavour to send you an offer to another program, either one of your other program choices or an alternate program.

  • You have applied to a program that requires specific prerequisites.

    Note: We cannot send you a conditional offer of admission in April if we do not have a mid-term or interim mark for one or more of these prerequisite courses. We will review your application once we receive your mid-term or interim marks in May.

  • Your portfolio or supplemental information has not yet been evaluated / your audition has not yet taken place.

  • According to the information we have received from your school, you will not receive your Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD). Check with your guidance department to ensure the correct information is sent to the Ontario Universities' Application Centre.

  • If you received an Offer of Admission for your first choice of program and your other choices have "Pending" status, please call us at (613) 520-3609 if you have new marks to be evaluated.

All applicants except Ontario High School Students

All requirements as listed in the application summary have been met. Your application will be assessed, and if no further requirements are identified, a decision can be expected within four to six weeks of the date your last document was received.
Note for currently registered students: No decisions can be made until the end of the academic session.

Should you have any questions regarding your application, please contact the Office of Admissions Services at (613) 520-3663.

Decision Made

Decision: Admitted

1. Admission Package

Electronic package including a letter offer of admission, optional visa letter for study permit and other documents is available under the "View Offer Details" link located next to the Admitted decision.
applicants will not be receiving a hard copy package, however, if you are an Ontario High School Student, admission package including details of the offer of admission has been mailed to you.

2. How to respond to the Offer of Admission:

Applicants who applied through the Ontario Universities' Application Centre (OUAC), should accept their offer on-line by using the OUAC Web site.

  • Log in to your application using your OUAC Reference Number and PIN/Password.

  • Select Choices/Offers.

  • Click the radio button to accept the offer then click “Continue”.

  • You must successfully complete the remaining steps of the submit process in order for your response to be received by the OUAC and Carleton University If successfully submitted, you will receive a confirmation number on the last screen. Print this page for your reference.

All other applicants (applicants who did not apply through the OUAC) need to to respond to this offer through the response submission provided on the Admission Offer Details page.

3. Further Details

See your offer package for further details of your offer. If you have been admitted with additional requirements, review your 'Holds' from the Admission Menu page for further information.

If you applied to a Co-operative Option with your program but the program offered does not include the Co-op option, you are not admissible to Co-op at this time. Co-op work terms begin only after the first year of study. If you have not been admitted to the Co-op option now, you may re-apply for the Co-op option after your first term of study at Carleton University.

Decision: Deferred

A final decision may be deferred for a number of reasons:

  • Under Review: your file is being reviewed by an admissions committee or by an academic department.

  • Faculty Committee: your application will be reviewed by a faculty committee for a decision.

  • Engineering Committee: your application will be reviewed by the Faculty of Engineering for a decision.

  • Waiting for Marks from your current courses or for your standing decision.

  • Deferred for Course Evaluation: advanced standing credit is being assessed by one or more academic departments.

  • Late Decision Required: you have applied to a limited enrolment program for which decisions are not made before a specific date.

  • On Wait List: you are on a wait-list for a limited enrolment program (i.e. Architecture, Industrial Design, Humanities, Social Work, upper-year Journalism).

  • Deferral Requested: you have requested a deferral of an offer or an application to a future term.

  • Application Deferred: your application has been moved to a future term.

  • Offer Deferred: your offer of admission has been deferred at your request.

Decision: Eligible

You are eligible for admission to a program that was not your first choice of Carleton programs. Please note that this is not a formal offer to this choice (see your offer letter for details). If you would prefer to receive an offer to another eligible choice, please contact Admissions Services at 613-520-3609.

Decision: Refused

A refused decision may exist for several different reasons:

  • Ineligible: you lack the minimum requirements (e.g. too few courses, insufficient grades, have not graduated, inadequate credentials). If you have been asked to withdraw from another post-secondary institution, you will not be eligible to apply for degree studies at Carleton University for one year.

  • Insufficient Grades: your grades are below the minimum required for your program or the program had limited space.

  • Lacks Prerequisites: you lack the specific prerequisite(s) for the program to which you applied.

  • Limited Enrolment: the program to which you applied has a limited enrolment and all applicants cannot be accommodated. A refusal will also be recorded if the additional application material (e.g. portfolio package or essay) have not been submitted by the appropriate deadline.

  • Program Full: your application and/or documents were received after the program reached full capacity.

  • Too Late: your application and/or documents were received after our published deadlines.

  • Offer Expired: you did not respond to the offer of admission within the allotted time.

  • English Score Low
    The English language test scores submitted in support of your application are below the level required to receive an offer of admission to a degree program. For more information on the scores needed to receive an offer of admission please go to:

Decision: Offer Withdrawn

Your offer was withdrawn:
a) because the conditions described in your conditional offer have not been met, or
b) in order to allow for a different offer to be made.

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