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Note: After the fall term course drop deadline, you will not be able to withdraw from the fall term portion of your full-term courses. By withdrawing from the winter term portion you will have completed the academic withdrawal process for the course and no further action on your part is required.

This page allows you to build your registration schedule by adding or dropping classes for a specified term. This page is also used for confirming the classes you are currently registered in.

Students registered in a Learning Community, First-year Engineering, Business, Industrial Design, Information Technology, or Architecture will have a number of their courses preselected for them. For details, please see Block Registration.Notes

  • For the fall and winter sessions, you must build your registration schedule for BOTH the fall term and the winter term. This includes full-session courses (those that run from September to April). For those courses, you must add the CRN for the fall portion, change the term of registration and register for the winter portion of that class. This is NOT necessary during the summer term.

  • You must register any linked course components (Tutorials, Labs, etc.) at the same time. Either enter the CRN's for both the Lecture and the linked component onto the Add Class worksheet or select the corresponding checkboxs on the search results page.

Depending on your current registration schedule you may have up to two tables displayed on this page.

1. The Current Schedule table will be displayed if you have already registered for courses for the selected term. It is important to verify your registration attempt by confirming the course information in this table. The Action field will offer you the option of dropping courses. To drop a course, simply choose that option from the drop-down menu associated with the course and press the Submit Changes button at the bottom of the page. If no options are listed in the Action field then the class MAY NOT be dropped or you may be required to drop the course in person by visiting your registrar's office.

Please note: You may still be financially responsible for payment of dropped courses depending on your date of withdrawal. Check the Student Accounts website for refund dates and deadlines.

Dropping classes may affect your Student Loan or Scholarship status. If you are unsure about how withdrawing from a course might affect your Student Loan or Scholarship, please contact the Awards Office.

2. The Add Class table is a worksheet you can use to add classes for the term. If you know the CRN for the course you wish to register in, simply enter it here. The fields on this table may automatically be entered from the Search for Classes process after you have selected the Add to Worksheet button. Adding CRN's to this worksheet does not register you in those classes, it is simply a way of jotting down potential courses. To register for the classes in the worksheet, press the Submit Changes button at the bottom of the page.If you do not know the CRN's for the class(es) you wish to add, click the Class Search button.You may move on to the next step in the registration process by clicking on the link(s) at the bottom of the page.

Course selection or course drop will result in an assessment of tuition fees, and may also impact your Ontario Student Loan, and your academic requirements. For details, please consult the following:


Academic Requirements

Ontario Student Loan


You may also encounter a Registration Error after attempting to add a course, resulting in an unsuccessful registration attempt. Please consult the Registration Errors page for details 



Course Reference Number


Subject of course.


Course number


Course Section.


Credit value of the course (also known as Credit Hours).

Credit Hours

(see Cred)

Billing Hours

Credit value used in tuition and fee calculations.

Maximum Hours

The number of maximum credits (credit hours) for registration in a given term.





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