Registration Term: Winter 2020 (January-April)
CRN: 14680
Subject: PSYC 3301 R
Long Title: Sport and Performance Psychology
Title: Sport & Performance Psychology
Course Description: How psychological processes influence outcomes across sport and performance environments. Topics may include self-confidence, goal-setting, arousal regulation, imagery, group dynamics, burnout, injury recovery, and how person and situational factors affect the pursuit of excellence.
Prerequisite(s): one of PSYC 2100, PSYC 2301, PSYC 2500, PSYC 2600.
Course Credit Value: .5
Schedule Type: Lecture
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Status: Full, No Waitlist
Section Information: Web-based online course. No on-campus participation required
Year in Program: {None}
Level Restriction: {None}
Degree Restriction: {None}
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Meeting Date Days Time Building Room Schedule Instructor
Jan 06, 2020 to Apr 07, 2020 Lecture Matthew Sorley (Primary)